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24 years of experience

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Dopico, Tizón & Quirós is a Lawyer’s Practice, founded in 1993 by José Ángel Dopico Gil and Susana Tizón Cabaleiro. Since its beginnings the Practice has focused particularly on Company Law, although in the course of its development, it has extended activities to other legal areas. Dopico, Tizón & Quirós has become a collective Lawyer’s Office designed to give a legal response to any of the matters affecting the interests of its clients.

The human team in the Practice is characterized by a high degree of specialization. Members include professionals of the legal forum with a reputable experience, lawyers on extended leave of absence from institutions such as the “Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores” (Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission), with Professors from University and Business Schools. In this manner, the Practice is able to provide complete, quality legal counselling.

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