Our specialized team allows us to offer you personalized advice in any of the following areas

Public administration

The Firm provides counselling for any activity that may be appropriate in terms of Public Administration, when presenting both applications or obtaining licences, concessions or other authorizations and filing administrative matters and administrative appeals.

Banking and financial law and stock market

In the field of banking, our firm our Firm has a wide specialization and a deep knowledge of the different active and passive operations of the banking institutions, as a result of the extensive advisory work to several of these institutions. All this allows us to offer comprehensive advice to clients in the area of consumer banking (mortgage and consumer finance transactions, credit cards, factoring, leasing, renting, etc.) as well as in foreign trade transactions and project finance transactions in all sectors.


Mention should also be made of our activity in the field of insurance, whether it is damage or personal injury. In both cases, the firm intervenes both in the moments of perfection and formalization of the contracts, advising on the rights, duties and obligations arising from them, and after the occurrence of the claim, asserting the rights that correspond to the client.

Antitrust and intelectual property

The market economy in which we now move is grounded on effective and fair competition between business concerns. For this reason, there is an increasing need to ensure that competitors’ behaviour in the market complies with the demands set by legislation on the defence of antitrust and unfair competition. Advice in this area covers, among others, practices restricting competition and abuse of a dominant position, infringement proceedings to the competition authorities, etc.

Special attention is also paid to the use made of trade marks, commercial names, patents and designs. The Firm pays special attention to the variety of problems involved as they frequently entail extremely valuable assets for business concerns, offering optimal solutions to protect these distinctive signs.

Company law, mergers and acquisitions

The specialisation of our professionals allows us to provide complete advice to companies and offer an integral solution to their legal needs from the very moment of their incorporation and throughout their corporate life, paying special attention to the different incidents that may occur both in relation to their internal organisational environment and in relation to the external areas of action (reform and updating of their bylaws; increase and reduction of share capital; legal analysis of the transferability of shares, company shares or quotas, support or direct performance of the functions of the Secretary of the Board of Directors or other governing bodies, etc.). These services also include due diligence procedures, structuring of relevant transactions and drafting and negotiating contracts in mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs or sales, etc. The ultimate objective of the Firm in the provision of all these services is to offer our clients tailor-made and practical solutions, taking into consideration the context in which they develop their businesses, which has given us the confidence and loyalty of important business entities in different sectors.

Maritime and transport law

In the field of land transport and logistics, the firm offers specialized legal advice in the conclusion of land transport contracts and insurance, as well as the defense and representation in any contentious matter arising from the transport activity. Likewise, in the field of Maritime Law, advice to our clients covers all the specific matters of maritime activity and any other matter that may affect the interests of companies engaged in maritime and port business: shipyards, shipowners, fishing and canning companies, etc. Thus, issues such as those relating to the construction of the ship, guarantees and privileges on the ship, operating contracts or flag regime are points in which our lawyers have extensive experience after many years providing advice to companies in the maritime sector.

Labor law

The firm provides advice on the different incidents related to employment contracts, their modifications, suspension or extinction, the exercise of disciplinary power by the employer, in company restructuring processes (contract suspensions, collective dismissals, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.); and on Social Security matters. Legal assistance is also provided in dispute resolution procedures, whether judicial or extrajudicial; and advice is provided on remuneration, pension and social benefit systems.

General and economic criminal law

In the area of criminal jurisdiction, the practice has extensive professional experience, acting in general proceedings as a private prosecutor or defending the interests of our clients in proceedings against them.

Special attention is paid to those illicit activities intimately related to the exercise of commercial or industrial activities of our clients, regardless of the business sector to which they belong, offering the most appropriate procedural strategy. In this sense, the multidisciplinary team that makes up the Firm allows us to offer a very effective service in terms of regulatory compliance and advising our clients on the implementation of control systems for the prevention of corporate crime and compliance with the applicable legal regime.

Inheritance and family law

In the area of inheritance and family law, the practice's activity begins with advising clients on the various issues that have a direct impact on their family and property life (advice on inheritance matters, both in the preparation of wills and inheritance agreements and in the execution of judicial and extrajudicial inheritance partitions; preparation and drafting of marriage settlements and coexistence agreements, etc.), together with the corresponding legal implications. The interests of clients are also defended in court and out of court in the different proceedings and negotiations that may be opened in relation to these matters.


At present, both in the personal and business fields, tax advice and planning are essential. In this sense, the firm has extensive experience advising on all types of tax matters, from general corporate taxation to contentious taxation, financial taxation, wealth management and indirect taxes, and providing full assistance, which, starting with tax advice, continues through the administrative and economic-administrative complaint process and reaches the completion of the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

Urban planning and real state law

In matters of Urban Planning and Real Estate Law, the practice responds at legal level to the various problems related to one of the driving forces of our economy, namely the construction industry. Thus, in the areas related to urban planning, we provide advice on planning, management, execution and discipline to private companies and individuals, assuming the legal defense of our clients in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings relating to this matter. As for real estate activity, our advice covers all matters related to construction, development, financing and real estate investment, sale and purchase of real estate and real estate companies, leases, etc.

Bankruptcy proceedings

We assist you in resolving your insolvency, restructuring your workforce, negotiating your liabilities, formulating viability plans or in an agile and efficient liquidation of assets.

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